Then She Said My Name - The Black Crowes

7-29 - Tuesday Night Crowes

I never thought a love could be like this
But then she said my name
Now I’m wrapped around her finger
I’ll never be the same

I have so much love for this album.

Desert Island list?    You bet.

Go Faster - The Black Crowes

7-28 - Monday Night Crowes

And just one question I might ask you
But it might sound like a disaster
Can you make this thing go faster?

NHL Through the Years

Love this!


Diamond Ring - The Black Crowes

7-27 - Sunday Crowes for the pretty blonde upstairs

You’re the reason I want to sing
You make me feel like a king
I love the sunshine that you bring
I think I’ll buy you a diamond ring
A diamond ring

Willin’ - The Black Crowes

7-26 - Saturday Night Crowes

And if you give me, weed, whites and wine
And you show me a sign
I’ll be willin’ to be movin’

Under A Mountain (Acoustic) - The Black Crowes

7-25 - Friday Night Crowes

What makes a Sunday different from Monday
Could be a look in her eyes
In need of flattery she changes batteries
So that her light will still shine

Hard To Handle - The Black Crowes

7-24 - Thursday Night Crowes

Boys and things that come by the dozen
That ain’t nothin’ but drugstore lovin’
Hey little thing let me light your candle
'Cause mama I'm sure hard to handle now

Seeing Things - The Black Crowes

7-23 - Hump Day Crowes

'Cause I'm seeing things for the first time
I’m seeing things for the first time, oh yeah
I’m seeing things for the first time
In my life, in my life

Tonight I’ll Be Staying Here With You - The Black Crowes

7-22 - Back Home Again Crowes

Throw my ticket out the window
Throw my suitcase out there, too
Throw my troubles out the door
I don’t need them any more
’cause tonight I’ll be staying here with you