Getting Crowed on a Tuesday Night

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Because Tuesdays could use more Saturday night. 


WWLD - Jocephus and the George Jonestown Massacre 

This is so good.

Between You And Me - The Yayhoos

File this one under bands you’ve never heard of.

CBGB’s - Syd Straw

current ear worm

Hey, remember me……

Living Proof - Bruce Springsteen

Boss Tunes for Tuesday

Well now on a summer night in a dusky room
Come a little piece of the Lord’s undying light
Crying like he swallowed the fiery moon
In his mother’s arms it was all the beauty I could take
Like the missing words to some prayer that I could never make
In a world so hard and dirty so fouled and confused
Searching for a little bit of God’s mercy
I found living proof

Meet Your New Landlord - Webb Wilder

Tunes for Tuesday

Mister, meet your new landlord
Heard you knockin’ upon my door
Mister, meet your new landlord
Plenty of room down on the floor.

Everyday (I Kick Myself) - Webb Wilder

Replacing current earworm

When you left you know it knocked me flat
But I’ve got a rhyme scheme to win you back

Every day I kick myself
For every night I spend without you
Let you run to somebody else
Every day I kick myself

Kerosene - The Bottle Rockets

Current ear worm

Ever see that damn thing that burned out shell
For a little while that trailer must've seemed like hell
If kerosene works why not gasoline If kerosene works why not gasoline